Oscar Patersson


The challenge was to create a portfolio site with content curated in a way that was both engaging and informative. Oscar Patersson’s photography website was designed as a single page, long scroll with AODA compliant colour and type treatments. Instead of being presented as pieces within an image gallery, the photographs are used as an integral
part of the design, often informing the composition and adding visual interest
to the simplicity of the layout.

*Post-Grad program project
  1. • Branding • Art Direction
  2. • Copywriting • UX/UI Design
  1. • Branding
  2. • Copywriting
  1. • Art Direction
  2. • UX/UI Design
  1. Yangaroo
  2. Leo Burnett
  1. Gain
  2. Kibbbles'n Bits
  1. Oscar Patersson
  2. Reign
Yangaroo Leo Burnett Gain Kibbles'n Bits Oscar Patersson Reign